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Our Community

Everyone Has A Role To Play

Prospective Students

Interested in joining our UVA Law community?

Find out what our students have to say about their experience and how to make the most of yours!

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University Student

Current Students

Congratulations! Now that you're a part of our community, you can access our array of exclusive educational materials - like our outline bank!



Whether you've just started your career or have decades of legal experience, find out how to stay connected to our community post-graduation.

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Business Meeting


From sponsoring an event to offering exclusive

legal opportunities, find out the many ways

you can support our community.  



Everyone has a part to play in making UVA Law

an inclusive community. Find out how you can show solidarity with our community

at UVA Law and beyond!

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College Library

Educational Resources

Browse through our collection of LGBTQ+ affirming resources, including materials from past events, local ways to offer support, reading lists, and so much more!

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