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Our Mission, Vision & Leadership

Our Mission

Lambda provides professional, social, and academic support for bisexual, lesbian, gay, trans, queer, intersex, and asexual members of the University of Virginia School of Law community. 

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Our Vision

Lambda also aims to educate and advocate on issues concerning the LGBTQIA community. This includes raising awareness and advocating on issues regarding members of the community who have intersectional identities and the ways in which identities operate within systems of power, privilege, and oppression.


The Executive Board

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President (she/her)

Chloe Fife

Presiding officer of the Executive Board and shall be responsible for calling and directing meetings of the board; agendas for discussion and action; and, where discretionary action is allowed, is authorized to make executive decisions on behalf of Lambda. The President shall also be responsible for recruiting new members in conjunction with the Social Chair(s). 

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Vice President (she/her)

Emily Hockett

Acts as the liaison between the President and the other board members, assisting the President in coordinating their various efforts. The Vice President also coordinates programming tailored to members' academic success and general well-being, with special attention to 1L programming. The VP works with the Finance Chair to oversee the Lambda Outline Bank.

Executive Board Positions


Vice President 



Inclusivity, Service & Advocacy Chair

Allyship Chair 

Careers (2) Chairs 

Programming (2) Chairs 

Social Chair 

Mentorship Chair

1L Representative